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Fun With Easter Eggs!

Since many of you will have out the plastic eggs this week, I thought I would share some fun activities that you can do to work on those fine motor skills using them!

1. Hide small objects inside and have the kids open to find. You can do pennies, small erasers, small figures. Whatever will motivate them to open the egg!

2. Write the capital letter on one side, and the lowercase letter on the other side of the egg. Open them and scatter around the house. Have your child match the lowercase to uppercase letter to close the egg.

3. Good old fashioned egg race: Do relay races, use as part of an obstacle course, or challenge your child to walk across your house or lawn without dropping the egg. This activity is great for forearm and wrist strengthening and stability.

4. Patterns and stacking: Draw out a color pattern and have your child stack them according to the pattern. You can do it with colors of the eggs or you can draw shapes on each piece and do a shape pattern.

5. Egg carton matching: Use marker to put dots of color inside the egg carton. Have your child match each color egg to the dot in the carton.

6. Use Easter egg halves to paint a picture. Paint some spring flowers using the circles.

Hope you enjoy all of these ideas!

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