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Ready Set Grow's Favorite Holiday Gift Picks!

Check out our top 20 favorite holiday gifts to work on your child's development!

Great for kids ages three and up these are great to work on fine motor strength, bilateral coordination, and imagination!

Great for our younger kiddos to work on grasp, eye hand coordination, color identification, and more.

These turtle shells are well made and are good to work on gross motor skills, following directions, etc. Kids can make their own obstacle course or follow the directions that they come with.

Fun way for kids ages 5 and up to work on fine motor skills. You can build 3d designs on your own or follow the step by step directions inside the package.

These are perfect for using in a sensory bin to pick up small objects working on all the little muscles in the hands!

This Kinetic Sand sticks together making it great to use indoors as it does not make a big mess. So relaxing to bury your hands and feet and pretend you are at the beach.

Not only is Jenga great for fine motor skills, but it is also great to teach self regulation, using the appropriate amount of pressure, and waiting your turn. You can even write exercises on each piece to do when that piece is picked to add some gross motor skills into the game.

Definitely one of our favorites at Ready Set Grow! Great way to work on arm and trunk strength, bilateral coordination, and waiting/self regulation!

Body socks can be used for self regulation and calming, endurance and body awareness. A great therapy tool to have at home.

The kids at Ready Set Grow love this game. Great to work on visual perceptual skills as well as attention.

Fun way for kids to work on gross motor skills and eye hand coordination by themselves or with a friend!

Fun game for kids ages 8 and up to work on visual perceptual skills as well as some frustration tolerance as well all know rush hour traffic can be very frustrating!

Another game we love to play at Ready Set Grow! Kids work hard on waiting their turn, not hitting the ice to hard, and strengthening their hand and wrist muscles.

We all know that fidgets are all the rage these days. These are well made squeeze balls that can also help with fine motor skills.

Our younger friends love watching the balls roll down after the push them through the holes with the hammer. Works on color matching, visual tracking, and fin e motor skills.

Fun way to work on throwing and catching skills. The velcro adds resistance to also address fine motor and bilateral coordination skills during play.

These can be used indoors or outdoors, sitting or laying on their belly. Great toy to have at home for balance, strengthening, and providing sensory input.

Another great game for older kids to work on fine motor, control, and self regulation. Staying calm during this game can be a challenge.

Kids use colored rubber bands to create designs on the cards or can get creative and come up with designs of their own. Works on bilateral coordination, fine motor, and visual perception skills.

Use a bean bag chair in a quiet area of the house as a calm down/relaxation area when your child is feeling overwhelmed. Great source of sensory input!

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